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Electronics are everywhere. Now, they’re even in your fridge and having your toaster connected to the internet through a small chip is only a matter of time, if not done already. What’s more: electronics of today are different than what we had in the late XXth century. Nowadays everything is digital. Analog radio decoders, floppy disks and other analog peripherals are all a thing of the past; with some even starting to appear in museums. But it doesn’t stop here! Even sound, which is fundamentally an analog signal, is processed by electronics of today as a digital signal all the way to your speaker thanks to class D amplifiers!

With that in mind; I wanted to compile lessons, references and tips & tricks to designing digital systems. When I started learning electronics at the university in 2006 or so; I remember vividly we started by cramming complex math involving lots of differential equations down our throats to calculate RC filters. I can say with confidence over 10 years later this is useless to most of us. What picked my interested though, is when we started implementing a clock inside a FPGA without a micro-controller: pure logic only. That was fun, but no one would do this today. A sane design would involve a micro-controller with probably an embedded real time clock circuitry. Job’s done, and for $1 worth of components! This “modern design” approach is what ultimately pushed me to start these “tutorials” or “lessons”.

For now, this section of the website is just starting but I would like to grow it into a reference for electronics students, hobbyists and people looking to further their knowledge; with the prospects of designing digital logic in mind.

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