esp32-wifi-manager release!

Lately I have been playing a lot with the amazing esp32. It is an amazing “microcontroller” for makers, and I add quotes to “microcontroller” because really, it’s an IoT do-it-all SoC; all for the low price of about US$5.

One of the main features of the esp32 is its ability to connect to the internet. Many people hardcode their home wifi into their program, but you don’t need to anymore. Enters esp32-wifi-manager, the project I have been working on these past few weeks!


Quick demo


esp32-wifi-manager automatically starts an access point and scans nearby wifis. You can then simply connect to a wireless network by using the web app. The esp32 will then automatically attempt to reconnect to the last saved wifi on boot. Simple and easy!

Complete source code is available here:

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