Launch of

It’s been a while since I last posted here, and it was for the server upgrade.

Well, I have not been sitting idle during all this time as I can now announce the launch of Datasheetcentral is quite simply put a search engine for datasheets, combined with hosting of said datasheets.

I believe datasheets websites are mediocre. I believe you shouldn’t have to deal with fake download buttons and very restrictive in-browser PDF viewers.

Having dealt with such websites in the past, I believe I can do better.

For all these reasons, is born.

The search engine with live search

It’s responsive, supports direct download of PDF and fully supports HTTPS.

Now of course this kind of website is only as good as its database; and at this launch the site only has about 1500 references: a drop in the ocean of ICs out there. But as data entry goes on, I truly hope the site to become a respectable size fairly soon.

For now; please visit at!

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