New maker products from China: June 2017

What’s new in China? New maker products roundup June 2017

Here are new maker products recently released which are worth looking at:

Air quality sensors

ZPH01 PM2.5 air pollution sensor
ZPH01 PM2.5 air pollution sensor
MH-Z14A infrared CO2 Sensor
MH-Z14A infrared CO2 Sensor
ZE07 CO Carbon monoxide electrochemical sensor
ZE07 CO Carbon monoxide electrochemical sensor

Reland Tech has some new air sensors:

The PM2.5 sensor is based on the Winsen ZPH01 chip that are calibrated out of the box according to the manufacturer. For 7 bucks, I couldn’t not get one so I’ll write a review on it. The CO2 sensor is quite expensive, but that’s because the MH-Z14A chip itself isn’t cheap. It’s got a good precision (+/- 10% on the worst case scenario) and the anti-corrosive gold plating inside the chamber probably doesn’t help with the cost.

Finally, the MH-Z14A carbon monoxide sensor is probably the most expensive one I have found, especially when you think you can get a MQ7 sensor for less than US$2; but this one’s got a resolution of 0.1ppm. Quality has its price!

BPM180 Atmospheric pressure/altitude sensor

Module Sky has a new atmospheric pressure sensor based on the Bosch BPM180. Bosch states that the BPM180 is not recommended for new designs and you should prefer the better and newer BPM280 and BPM380 but this is still a very good chip for hobbyists nonetheless.

Surface Mount Soldering training board


Reland Tech has a SMD training board for less than a dollar. It includes all sorts of resistor packages, a few SOT-23 transistors; the piece de resistance being a SSOP28. I’ll personally get a couple of those as I would like to slowly move away from through hole technology.

SHT21 Humidity and Temperature sensor

New SHT21 Digital Humidity And Temperature Sensor Module Replace SHT11 SHT15 GY-21-HTU21

Humidity sensors have had precision and calibration issues for a long time. This new I2C SHT21 based board has none of these issues. It’s completely digital (14 bit resolution); accuracy is +/- 2% for humidy and +/- 0.3C for temperature. I think it’s a nice chip, way better than a DHT21, and I’ll be sure to make a review of it.


That’s it for this round up!


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