Sparkfun releases a 3G module

Sparkfun has just released a new product in the form of a 3G kit. Some countries have started to decommission their 2G network, and the bandwidth for data is ridiculously low anyway; so 3G is a good way to bring mobile connectivity to your projects.

Sparkfun 3G kit - Photo courtesy of Sparkfun
Sparkfun 3G kit – Photo courtesy of Sparkfun


The kit uses a U-BLOX (known for their cheap GPS modules) module. A quick Aliexpress search brings nothing as of today; so it seems to be a Digispark exclusive.

The downside of this kit is that it comes with a SIM data plan, and they chose to use two different modules (one for US/AUS, the other for the rest of the world) –a shame considering U-Blox has a module (SARA-U201) with global coverage readily available.

If the US $69 price tag and the bundled data plan doesn’t scare you, get your hands on this sexy 3G at


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