TAS5733L Audio Amp failure

In my previous post I was talking about the TAS5733L, an audio amplifier from Texas Instruments that should be compatible with the ESP32 and its implementation of the I2S protocol. I wanted to verify that compatibility before I embed the chip in a bigger design so I built a breakout for the amplifier.

I got the PCB back from JLCPCB a few weeks back, and finally put it together.

0.5mm pitch package with 0.3mm vias
0.5mm pitch package with 0.3mm vias


It’s a pretty board no doubt, but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

TAS5733L Audio Amplifier breakout
TAS5733L Audio Amplifier breakout


At this stage the TAS5733L simply refuses to acknowledge the I2C commands sent by the ESP32. I am honestly not quite sure why. I figured I should still post an update since it’s been a month since my previous post. Debugging continues!



Now, besides this failure, what’s interesting is that TI recently pushed a pre-release of a new audio amplifier, called the TAS5805M, which is an all around better and updated version of the TAS5733L. They basically drastically simplified the requirements for the chip (MCLK no longer exists for instance), while boosting the capabilities of the integrated DSP.

There’s a preview from May 2018 and you can’t buy this chip yet.

If I can’t find the reason why my board isn’t working I guess I’ll try my luck with the updated TAS5805M as soon as it’s available!

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